I'm constantly amazed by people's foresight. Henry Ford bet against all odds that the car would become a ubiquitous part of American life. Steve Jobs correctly predicted the movement of computers from the laboratory to the home. And now comes a comparable act of sheer genius: www.VPILF.com.

When news leaked that McCain had chosen the neophyte Alaskan governor to be his running-mate, the general reactions ranged from excitement to complete puzzlement (more the latter than the former). But for some, it was the chance to enter the newest, and soon to be most buzzed about, word into our lexicon. While the term MILF came into our culture in a roaring wave like only a line from a summer teen comedy movie can, its prevalence has waned in recent years, partly replaced by the increasingly popular "cougar." Offshoots of MILF, such as DILF and somehow GILF, have had their play in recent years, though none came close to the popularity of people's original desire to be with a hot mom.

But now, thanks to John McCain's desire to solidify his grip on the white female voting bloc and his fear of taking on another old, white guy, VPILF has officially entered our collective vocabulary. Look for it on t-shirts, on buttons, and probably on a fall episode of How I Met Your Mother. If I were a McCaininite (they exist, right?), I would embrace this wonderful term, and milk it for all it's worth.

So I must tip my hat to VPILF.com, for the site was set up two months ago -- long before Palin was a serious contender for the VP slot, let alone on the national radar. But I wonder, is Hillary hurt that there is no PILF.com?