Vuvuzela Time Brings World Cup Buzz To Any Page On The Web

What's the latest buzz about the FIFA World Cup? It's more of a buzzing sound, and it's coming from thousands of soccer enthusiasts blowing on their vuvuzelas.

These plastic stadium horns are wildly popular in South Africa and are used to motivate the soccer team. It's a similar phenomenon to team chants or songs. While a single vuvuzela sounds like an "elephant trumpeting," several hundred vuvuzelas sound like a swarm of angry bees.

This deafening drone has become the unofficial soundtrack to the 2010 World Cup. Since FIFA decided not to ban the horns, they have also become the center of a worldwide controversy.

For those who can stand the sound, there's a site called Vuvuzela Time that brings the noise of a World Cup match right to your web browser. Not only can you search Google to the tune of South Africa's most famous sound, but you can also open your favorite pages and check your email as if you had brought your laptop to a World Cup match. Just type in "" followed by the URL of the website you'd like to vuvuzela-ize into your browser.

For example: will give you HuffPost on vuvuzelas.

Click here to experience Google.

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