VW L1 Hybrid: "Most Efficient Car In The World" (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Volkswagen has traditionally been known more for its quirky branding than its bold claims. That didn't stop the German automaker from recently declaring that it had built "the most fuel-efficient car in the world." (Scroll down for our PHOTOS.)

As The New York Times reported, when unveiling its bullet-shaped VW L1 Hybrid at the Frankfurt Auto Show last week, VW didn't shy away from audacious boasts. Here's the NYT:

"In photos, it looks like a car. In the metal, it has the appearance of a small plane, to which someone forgot to attach the wings and a tail. Walter de Silva, Volkswagen's head of design, says the shape 'redefines classic and aesthetic vehicle traits. All of its moving parts are integrated so accurately that the body resembles a rocket or jet.'"

Though, it won't be available until 2013, the two-seater L1 quickly become the talk of Frankfurt. The diesel-electric hybrid engine gets a whopping 157.8 miles per gallon and tops out at 100 miles per hour, according to CarConnection. The L1 also has an "impressive" driving range of 416 miles, which beats plug-in competitors.

Gizmag took a look at the vehicle in Frankfurt and called the vehicle "a revolution." Its oh-so slim width, they said, "has no comparison in today's production of cars."

WATCH Gizmag's take -- and check out our slideshow of the VW L1 below:

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