Vytautas Mineral Water Ad Is The Weirdest Commercial For Water You've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Weirdest Ad For Water You've Ever Seen

We're really struggling for words after watching this ad for Lithuanian Vytautas mineral water -- the water for "men who can handle the raw awesomeness of minerals." In the two-and-a-half minute dizzying spot, Stephen Hawking curses, cute bunnies get creepy and sheep hang out with teenagers in a hot tub. And that's the milder side of things.

The ad is reportedly the work of university students and apparently the Lithuanian versions are even better (if you understand the language, that is).

Watch one of the ads below and check out more Lithuanian versions here or here.

UPDATE: A reader wrote HuffPost Food, alerting us to similar ads created in 2007 by the Canadian comedy group, picnicface.Turns out there's quite the genre of bizarre beverage ads.

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