7 Wacky Wine Labels

Wine is supposed to be fun, right? Well, that's what I've been preaching, and while I fully recognize that there is a time for solemnity while exploring one's cellar, let's face it, it's really difficult to make your wine stand out on retailer's shelves unless you go one of two routes. The garish route seems to be more of a foreign concept, or it may simply be the colliding of two aesthetics: one that values aesthetics and another -- well, let's leave that be.

The other route, one that has proven quite successful, is to be cute. An amusing label does more than just make us smile, it makes us stop. In today's world, that's often all one needs to do in order to close a sale, to get the consumer to stop and pay attention for more than a microsecond! These labels all made me stop; and while I haven't bought the wines, they are worth checking out, if only to add a smile to one's day.

7 Wacky Wine Labels

Have you spotted any wacky wine labels in the wild? Does a wines label effect your purchase decision? Do share in the comments...

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