Wade Scholte, Parker, Colorado Boy, Has Moth Pulled From His Ear (VIDEO)

Moth Pulled Out Of Parker Boy's Ear (VIDEO)

PARKER, Colo. -- Doctors have removed a stubborn moth from a 12-year-old Colorado boy's ear after trying in vain to kill it.

In the end, the moth was removed with tweezers.

Wade Scholte of Parker, southeast of Denver, says the moth crawled into his ear Sunday night after he fell asleep. He awoke screaming and crying.

In a statement to 9News, Scholte said:

I had a moment of panicking. I was in pain. It was hurting so much. Every time it moved it hit my ear drum.

After trying to remove the moth at home, the boy headed to the emergency room with his mother.

The doctors numbed Wade's ear and then tried drowning the moth to kill it. Finally they used tweezers and pulled it out alive "and started flying around," describes Scholte to 9News.

According to KUSA-TV, doctors put the moth in a cup to give the boy as a keepsake.

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