Man Who Stood Trial For Murder Of Twin Brother Shot Dead

A man who stood trial two years ago for the 2007 murder of his twin brother was killed on Friday in an accidental shooting, police say.

Authorities in Georgia said that a friend of Wael Ali fatally shot the 25-year-old in the neck, the same location of the injury that killed his twin brother, the Washington Post reports.

"This has been a tragedy for the mom and dad, if you can imagine what they had to go through," Jason Shapiro, a former attorney for Ali, told the Baltimore Sun.

Ali had recently moved from Maryland to the Atlanta area to rebuild his life after a mistrial over the death of his twin brother, Wasel Ali, allowed him to walk free. He was showing a gun he owned to Raouf Sanad, a close friend, when he was accidentally shot, according to police.

Sanad was allegedly “manipulating it and was not using good protocol” when the gun went off, and Ali was shot in the front of the neck, Officer David Baldwin with Marietta police said. Two officers who were on a routine foot patrol outside the restaurant responded immediately, and several witnesses corroborated that it was an accident, Baldwin said.



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