Law Student Demands Lifetime Supply Of Kit Kats Over Wafer-less Candy Bars

Saima Ahmad said she suffered a "monetary and emotional" loss.
Eating a Kit Kat without the delicious wafers was a traumatic experience for one candy fan.
Eating a Kit Kat without the delicious wafers was a traumatic experience for one candy fan.

A Kit Kat without the delicious "crisp wafer" advertised on the package is just another piece of chocolate -- chocolate without the satisfying crunch that has given the candy bar an almost cult-like following.

While wafer-less bars have been known to pop up from time to time, a law student in the U.K. claims she suffered a "monetary and emotional" loss after buying an eight-pack of Kit Kats that were missing their crunch.

Saima Ahmad, who's in her second year at King’s College London, says Nestle should give her a lifetime supply of Kit Kats as compensation.

"I wouldn't rule out taking this further if Nestle do not apologize or compensate me adequately," Ahmad wrote, according to ITV.

It's hard to tell if the demand is serious or merely a tongue-in-cheek project by a law school student, but Ahmad told the company she would act as "quality control" by eating the Kit Kats to check for defects, according to Metro.

Not everyone has the same reaction to discovering an all-chocolate Kit Kat; some fans of the candy look forward to coming across one just because of the freakish nature of it. In fact, there's a Facebook page devoted to wafer-less Kit Kats, and finding a solid Kit Kat ranked #9 on Buzzfeed's list of the "23 Greatest Things That Could Possibly Happen To A British Person."

Nestle has yet to respond to Ahmad's complaint. In the past, the company has said that during the candy-making process, the wafer is placed into a mold, which is then filled with chocolate. Sometimes the machine jams.

"We try to reject the solid bars but, very occasionally, one or two will slip through," Nestle said, according to a message posted on the Facebook page.

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