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It's Time You Learned The Difference Between A Waffle Cone And A Sugar Cone

Who knew a waffle cone has more sugar than a SUGAR cone?

Order an ice cream, and you’re going to be faced with some tough decisions. One scoop or two? Cup or cone? And when you rightly choose cone: waffle, sugar or cake? If you don’t have all your facts in order, you might make a seriously bad decision. And ice cream outings cannot afford poor judgement.

Fear not, we’re here to be sure that you know exactly what you’re asking for when you get to the cone question.

First things first, the cake cone is not the best option. Sure, it’s small. Some might even call it cute. It does offer the convenience of being able to put it down, thanks to its flat bottom. But its lack of flavor and semi-strange texture negate all of that. The real choice is between sugar or waffle.

Sugar and waffle cones look very similar. They both have the “waffled” marks. They both come in that lovely golden hue that’s the sign of a well-baked pastry. They both crunch nicely when bitten into. But the two cones aren’t exactly equal.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sugar cones

Sugar cones and a pint of ice cream.
Sugar cones and a pint of ice cream.

Sugar cones are the standard when it comes to ice cream. Sugar cones can be found at every ice cream shop and in super markets, too ― they’re often mass produced. While recipes vary, they’re generally made up of flour, brown sugar, vegetable oil shortening, oat fiber, salt, artificial flavor and soy lecithin.

Sugar cones are produced in a similar manner as waffle cones -- cooked in baking plates -- but because of the baking plates used they have a solid, round edge (unlike the waffle cone). They’re usually a little smaller than waffle cones, too. Sugar cones are a good choice because they’re sturdy and almost always maintain their crunch down to the last bite ― plus, they don’t feel too decadent.

Waffle Cones

A bunch of waffle cones laid out.
A bunch of waffle cones laid out.

Waffle cones are what you order when you’re feeling fancy at the ice cream shop. They’re the cones that you can find freshly-made at boutique ice cream shops, but they can be mass produced, too. They’re a little softer than the sugar cone, which also means they’re more fragile, because the batter ― which is similar to that of the sugar cone ― contains higher amounts of sugar. That’s also what makes them taste so good.

Waffle cones often get the special treatment, being dipped in chocolate and sprinkles or nuts, which means ordering one is giving yourself the special treatment, too. Whichever you choose, just make sure you go for the cone ― because your ice cream deserves it.

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