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Waffle House Homophobe Smacked Down By Crowd Following Slur (VIDEO, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

It's not like it's okay to go around dropping the word "faggot," but if you're going to be spreading hate speech, you should probably get a read on your crowd first.

In this viral video, which was posted to the hip-hop/shock video site World Star Hip Hop on Oct. 16, a man at an Atlanta Waffle House gets into an altercation after using the homophobic slur on a group of patrons.

A woman won't stand for it and goes after the man verbally, but things escalate quickly, and a fight breaks out. The man who made the homophobic remark is smacked to the ground, then beaten by three men.

Members of the crowd appear to support the action taken. One man in the background applauds the beating, while other people can be heard cheering.

"Get mad!" one man calls out.

The World Star Hip Hop video headline presumes that the man who made the remark is straight and that his assaulters were gay. It also says that the man was "mollywhopped," a demeaning slang term that carries implications of violence towards women.

The video was posted to a Reddit forum by user "PositivEnergy," where it received hundreds of "upvotes." One user likened the incident to those involving the Lavender Panthers, a gay vigilante group that prowled the streets of San Francisco in the 1970s.

Earlier this year, two men were beaten in an apparent hate crime at an Ohio Waffle House.

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