Black Friday 2011: Waffle Maker Riot Caught On Tape

WATCH: Near Riot Ensues Over $2 Waffle Makers

Black Friday 2011 has seen its share of noteworthy, bargain-fueled madness.

Shoppers lined up earlier than ever to take advantage of midnight openings and to get discounts at some stores that even opened on Thanksgiving Day. There have been reports of shoppers pepper spraying one another in the hunt for deals and even robbers shooting Black Friday customers to get their loot.

And now, crazed shoppers reportedly got in a fight over $2 waffle makers at a Wal-Mart near Little Rock, Arkansas WBTV reports.

After the video went viral, sites all across the web began to offer their commentary. Gawker wrote that the video embodies everything that's "awesome" about America, including the "horrible economy, aggressive consumerism, mindless violence and a complete lack of concern for one's fellow human beings."

Meanwhile, Reddit wonders if waffle makers could spawn a new slew of riots.

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