Waffle Vodka: Georgi Introduces Breakfast-Inspired Spirit

Breakfast just got a lot boozier. Introducing waffle-flavored vodka by Georgi, the brand whose CEO once delivered to rapper Sean Combs a toilet bowl full of Ciroc vodka. Take from that what you will.

According to a release, Georgi parent company Star Industries introduced the new flavor on Friday morning at a Holiday Inn Express in Stony Brook, New York in honor of National Waffle Day. CEO Martin Silver explained that the vodka is four times distilled and "tastes just like waffles." He also unveiled several waffle-inspired cocktails, including the "waffle-tini," which is garnished with -- what else -- a mini waffle.

We're not sure vodka is the best thing to drink first thing in the morning, but we are certain that Georgi is no stranger to controversy. The aforementioned toilet delivery to P. Diddy occurred in 2010 after the rap star allegedly told party guests that all vodkas other than Ciroc -- of which Diddy owns 50 percent -- tasted like "pee pee." Silver was offended and attempted to send the rapper a real toilet filled to the brim with Ciroc, but security guards refused to let it inside Diddy's office.

Also in 2010, the New York subway authority, MTA, pulled too-racy Georgi vodka ads from Brooklyn buses. The ads, which featured the backside of a woman dressed only in a bikini bottom, sitting in the sand with her arms around her knees. Complaints from the borough's Hassidic Jewish community reportedly led to the ads' removal.

Georgi also recently unveiled popcorn-flavored vodka, though we hope it doesn't replace real popcorn as theater fare anytime soon.



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