'Wahlburger': Mark Wahlberghs New Restaurant To Be A Reality Show?

To quote Jay-Z, entirely out of context and about the wrong person, Mark Wahlberg isn't a businessman -- he's a business, man.

The Oscar-nominee has already made his mark in television producing as one of the masterminds behind HBO's hits "Boardwalk Empire," "How To Make It In America," and even more substantially, "Entourage," which is loosely based on his younger life in Hollywood. Now, it looks like one of his next projects will be tied even closer to his life -- and will pack lots of juicy details.

Wahlberg is opening a burger joint in his home of Massachusetts with his family, appropriately titled "Wahlburger." Many celebrities are investors in restaurants, but apparently, he's planning to take a more hands on approach to the restaurant's creation -- and to document it for television.

"Maybe I'll be the Charlie's Angels of reality TV," Wahlberg told the L.A. Harbor Boys & Girls Club. "You'll hear my voice. But obviously it's something that we'd want to control in every aspect and produce and make sure that we were doing something really quality."

That's not all -- after that, the star and his famous brothers could go from food to fashion. And then, to health clubs, too.

Of course, that all comes secondary to Wahlberg's acting career, which is still wildly busy. He just wrapped Seth MacFarlane's live action debut, the demented comedy, "Ted," with Mila Kunis, is producing and potentially starring in the action comedy, "Bait and Switch," signed on for "Billy Jack" and "When Corruption Was King," is starring in a Thanksgiving rivalry movie with Will Ferrell... and is planning a film with Justin Bieber.

When, exactly, he'll get the chance to enjoy those Wahlburgers, well, that remains to be seen.

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