'Wahlburgers' Premiere: Wahlberg Brothers Are Serious Mama's Boys

The Wahlberg family is more than just its stars Donnie and Mark. A&E premiered the new docu-series "Wahlburgers," which follows the actors home to meet their family and their Boston burger joint, Wahlburgers. The first thing we noticed about this premiere? Man, those Wahlberg boys are total mama's boys!

In fact, they spent much of the episode arguing over which one of them mom loves best. Mama Alva was clearly loving it, and having some fun with it. "You know you're my favorite," she told Paul, but he insisted she only said it because he was in the room. "I got one of them coming to me, ‘You said I was your favorite, how come he’s saying you said he was the favorite?’ Whatever!" Alma laughed.

"If you put her on a lie-detector test, there will only be one favorite: me," Donnie insisted. And according to Zap2It's Michael Korb, this is going to be a recurring theme throughout this first season. "The battle to be [Alma’s] favorite is constant among the guys, who don't make any big decisions without their mother's backing. She isn't afraid to step in and speak her mind, and when she does, everyone listens. It seems the Wahlberg brothers know their limits."

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Allison Kane called the show charming, but thinks it may only be for die-hard Wahlberg fans. "Much of the Wahlbergs' appeal is related to their rags-to-riches story, and A&E was right to want to produce a series that focused on the source of this down-home Beantown interest, instead of disastrous knockoffs like the forgettable 'Southie Rules,'" she wrote.

"Wahlburgers" continues every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. EST on A&E.

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