Waimea Bay River Surfing: Proof That Hawaii Is The Happiest State, Even In Gloomy Weather

What happens when you give Hawaii surfers a week of rain, a tractor, and a flooded river mouth? Apparently, a whole lot of epic.

Periodically, during the rainy winter season on Oahu's north shore, the river that runs through Waimea Valley floods, sending a heavy flow of water out into the sea. With the river flowing right through the heart of the world's mecca of surfing, locals saw only one possibility: Let's surf that thing.

With a couple of newly dug trenches at the mouth of the river, locals -- including pro surfers Kalani Chapman and Jamie O'Brien -- rode the partially man-made wave into the night (literally). Even on gloomy, rainy days, it turns out, Hawaii is still the happiest state in the country.

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