Waist of Time: Say No to Waist Trainers

Waist Of Time


I'm often asked about the effectiveness of Waist Trainers. Do they work? Should the average person wear one? How often should you wear one? Who makes the best one? Are they safe?

To be honest, your body already has a natural "waist trainer." Fitness professionals refer to it as your TRANSVERSE ABDOMINAL MUSCLE. As is the case with any muscle in your body, your Transverse Abdominis needs to be stimulated, or rather activated, to yield any results.

So how exactly does one activate their Transverse Abdominis? For starters, you don't need to purchase anything from some Instagram model. You don't need to agree to have someone's Aunty wrap your midsection in Saran Wrap. You simply need to do some core exercises. The best way to stimulate the TAM (Transverse Abdominis Muscle), and overall performance of your core is by driving your belly button inward and holding it there, while performing functional core exercises.


The Transverse Abdominis wraps around your midsection (wait for it) just like a corset, or waist trainer. The TAM helps you stand upright, and works in conjunction with other muscles and joints to further your posture.

Muscle atrophy, or muscle breakdown, will increase with the usage of devices like waist trainers. Furthermore, you work hard for your money. As stated earlier, your body already has all the resources needed to help you get in shape. Why spend additional money purchasing a device, that can potentially cause more harm than good? Hit the gym more. Try implementing more core exercises into your workout. You already have everything you need. Don't buy a waist trainer. That my friends would be a waist of time.


~Stay True To The Good