'Wait, Wait' . . . I'm a TV Show?

"Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me," the popular NPR quiz show produced out of Chicago, is trying its hands at a TV version, Phil Rosenthal reports in the Tribune.

National Public Radio, which produces "Wait" with Chicago Public Radio, confirmed Monday it has an agreement with CBS Entertainment to produce a video sample to see how the wry decade-old quiz show with a weekly audience of nearly 2.7 million listeners on 450 stations might translate.

If the TV people footing the bill for the pilot are pleased, they'll pay NPR to help produce a series, although it's not yet known whether that would be for network television or syndication.

Right now, all CBS Entertainment and NPR have is an agreement and high hopes, along with host Sagal, judge/scorekeeper Kasell and creator/executive producer Doug Berman. Oh, and the title and irreverence too.