Waiting For a Dream Come True

It is 3 am in the morning on Fifth Avenue. Many of the lucky ones are squeezing their fluffy pillows covered in Egyptian cotton, riding the dream waves taking them to paradise, back and forth. They do not feel the bone-chilling cold morning wind. They do not smell the wet air, nor do they hear the sirens. They luckily don't know the desolate feeling of scrounging for breakfast scraps from the refuse of a nearby coffee shop, while further smudging the dirt of the City onto their faces with used newspapers.

But wait, maybe they do. Around a dozen of them know for sure, since they decided to leave their homes for a limited time to wait in line in front of the New York City Apple Store to be among the first ones to hold the latest Iphone 6. Their passion for a gadget did not stop them from undergoing an experience, which is a daily battle for over half a million homeless Americans every day. Waiting in line for a dream, a shiny beacon of technology to accommodate their everyday lives was stronger than the discomfort and humiliation a homeless person faces every day. Their resolve comes from knowing they would be the few lucky ones who would walk away from this experience with the latest Iphone in their hands, back to their homes, much unlike those who live on the streets due to their permanent circumstances and don't even remember what it feels like to be at home anymore. Who if lucky could only grab a print ad of the iPhone 6 to cover their body with against the cold.

A group of creative people led by Sam Bergen could not just pass by this incident and thus decided to make a short film called The Wait based on this experience, demonstrating the passion of the lucky ones in order to draw attention to a much bigger cause. Now either you are holding the latest iPhone or you only dream about it, but if you have an access to a mobile phone, then watch this short documentary and text NCH to 85944 to donate $10 to the National Coalition of the Homeless to help 600,000 Americans who not only do not have access to the latest technology but also cannot go home and are still waiting for a real dream to come true.

The makers of The Wait created the film to raise both awareness and donations for the homeless, supported by the National Coalition for the Homeless, a broad-based organization that aims to prevent and end homelessness in America. For inquiries, please contact TheWaitDocumentary@gmail.com