'Waiting Room': Jake Fried's Spiritual White-Out Animation (VIDEO)

The latest in artist Jake Fried's "moving painting" series features a cluttered room, men in hazard suits, and a Hindu deity. The medium for this unlikely trio? Good old white-out. According to Fried's Vimeo page, the Boston-based painter is using black ink and white-out to bring out the transcendent.

"Parts of my work definitely reference aboriginal designs and mythology," Fried wrote to a commenter. "I recently traveled to India and that visit influenced a lot of the imagery and symbolism for this particular piece."

In "Waiting Room," an interior room rapidly forms and transforms as Fried layers hand-drawings in sped up succession. The final images resemble Javanese puppets and old bronze statues (an uncanny effect of the layered white-out, or perhaps Fried's tweaking, is an aged greenish tint). Check out the video below, and head to Fried's site for more of his white-out creations.

WATCH "Waiting Room":