'Waiting To Exhale' Sequel Still In The Works Despite Whitney Houston Death

In September 2010, Fox picked up sequel rights to the drama "Waiting to Exhale." However, despite Houston's death over the weekend, plans for "Exhale 2" aren't in peril. According to Vulture, the studio plans on making the movie without Whitney.

"I don't think she would want it to [not happen]," Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000 Pictures said. "It's almost in her honor that we think to soldier on ... This [movie] was the biggest barrier-buster for color lines."

The inevitable question now is who will take over Houston's role. Gabler cautiously floated Oprah Winfrey's name as a potential replacement, only to add that, "We literally have not talked about anybody for that part. Forest [Whitaker, who directed the first movie], I know, is just ... grieving. He'd been the one who was speaking with her, updating [Houston] on its progress."

There is no current timetable in terms of a release date for "Waiting to Exhale 2." The original film -- based on Terry McMillan's bestselling novel -- starred Houston, Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine, as four friends who deal with relationships and life.

"After 'The Bodyguard,' I think Hollywood saw me as they did Streisand, when Streisand was first coming out: 'We can hire her for the movie, but we need her to sing,'" Houston said about her acting in a 1996 interview. "I didn't plan it. Like doing '[Waiting to] Exhale,' I didn't want to sing at all. I just wanted to act."

"Waiting to Exhale" earned over $80 million worldwide after its release in 1995. The sequel would be based on McMillan's "Exhale" follow-up, "Getting to Happy."


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