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Wake Up and Live

Only we can awaken our selves. That takes hard, hard work. Any one who tells us otherwise is lying.
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In this moment, if our inner or outer life is not or has not been turned upside down, we are sleepwalking. We are just imitating some lame spiritual practice that is keeping our status quo. Self-hypnosis and denial can and do take many forms, including spirituality. In matters of Self, culture is not our friend. Its only interest is its own propagation, which involves keeping us asleep. Friends that do not challenge us are not true friends. The new age movement is certainly not our friend, rather a wolf in sheep's clothing, lulling us to a cozy sleep. Despite the teachings in vogue, we cannot become aware of the depths of our being without disturbing the routines of our comfortable lifestyle. Beware of false prophets interested (and taking billions!) in profits.

If we are not shaking in our boots, we are not facing truth. Truth has no interest in our love life, financial health or emotional stability. More often than not, these things are hindrances in her ability to shake us out of our sleepwalking. If we are not questioning on a daily level, our spiritual practice is worthless. Every single one of us is an expert liar. We must not underestimate our ability to fool ourselves and everyone around us. Political, economic or environmental action without internal knowledge is useless. Internal awareness without external action is insubstantial.

The you that is reading this is dreaming. Be firm in your commitment to get out of your slumber. Every thing and every one around us is committed to lulling us back to sleep. The road to awakening is a narrow path and no one can walk it for us. The best we can hope for is meeting kindred spirits who are finding and walking their own paths. We have to grow, prepare and eat the food. It is not some prepackaged processed food to be purchased and consumed. What sustains another might poison you.

We have to watch our lies. If our lips are moving without conscious and deliberate intent, we are most likely lying. No thing outside of us will ever fill us. Having doubts, being engaged in questioning all and keeping an open and elastic mind are crucial. Truth is not pleasant nor friendly to our everyday life. Look around and look at the world that we have created and continue to create. When not examined, our unconscious will ruin us. When integrated, it will elevate and empower us. That takes tremendous courage, to offer up our idealized self image at the alter of our true nature. "The Secret" is that there is no secret. These misguided teachings are embraced by our ego to solidify its position instead of having to admit that it is powerless and impermanent. Only we can awaken our selves. That takes hard, hard work. Any one who tells us otherwise is lying.

Wake up and live.

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