Wake Up Call to My Non-White Supremacist Friends

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Mordecai Schreiber

The White House and the Republican Party have been hijacked by money-worshiping white Supremacists. They do not believe in democracy, and they do not believe that Muslims, Jews, African American, Hispanics, LGBT, and even Native Americans deserve equal rights. Here we have overtones of Nazi Germany, whose slogan “Germany above All Others” started here with the “America First” slogan, first enunciated by pro-Nazi American isolationists on the eve of World War Two.

During Nazism’s rise to power, many good Germans dismissed Hitler as a crackpot, which he was, and failed to see his nefarious reach which ended in history’s greatest tragedy. It is painful to say this, but the Nazi virus has infected the Republican Party, and we now have our own madman for president. This is not reality TV. This is REALITY. Many people right now feel helpless, and this is exactly what energizes the supremacists.

Well guess what—we are not helpless. There are many more of us than of them. We beat them recently in Virginia and Alabama, and we can beat them next year in many other states. We need to take back the House and the Senate. In Alabama our African American brothers and sisters stopped the bigot Judge Roy Moore. They have shown that they have an awesome voting power when they do vote in great numbers. And the same is true of Hispanics. And there are also millions of American Muslims and Jews. It has become the sacred duty of each and every one of us to exercise our right to vote next year, assuming we still have a democracy by then.

If it looks like the Republicans continue to rig the voting system, and continue to try to overthrow the rule of law, then we have to do what we did during the struggle for civil rights in the 60s, and the protest against the Vietnam War. We will have to take to the streets to challenge the legitimacy of what has already become the most racist and anti-democratic administration in the history of the nation.

The Republican Party has a lot of soul searching to do. Is it still the “Party of Lincoln?” As of this moment, the supremacists have full control of the party. We can only hope and pray that the sane elements of the party can begin to assert themselves, because we do need a two-party system for American democracy to survive. The Democrats have their own soul searching to do. In fact, the entire body politic is in a state of crisis, and our voting system is antiquated and dysfunctional. But “We the People” are still “We the People,” and if the Founding Fathers could overthrow King George, and the citizens of France could overthrow the monarchy, we can do the same. We have to do it for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Mordecai Schreiber is the author of over sixty books on a wide-range of subjects.