Wake Up Little Suzi Wake Up!

You know, in 1964 I use to wear my hair like that. They called it a coiffure -- which meant it was a do -- a real hairdo.

This gal of a governor -- uses enough hair spray to melt all of the glaciers in Alaska -- okay -- that's below the belt stuff -- so now lets ponder her two legged stance on a woman's right to choose -- she's against your choices for freedom of religion, she hates librarians and books that explore human sexuality and she is trying ban them maybe even burn them.

If you got knocked up or someone's kid got pregnant in a date rape -- she would be the first to congratulate you and knit you a pair of mother of pearl booties.

She believes in abstinence yet her own daughter broke a Palin house rule -- naughty thing!

What really hurts -- deep down inside the gut of every progressive woman, every feminist who marched without a bra and defended the rights of women of all colors and all kinds, even some us stereotypical "Breck Shampoo" girls is that Sarah is like a song from the 60s -- a real do wopper whose once yellow teeth were a sign of the times -- but -- the times they are changin -- and ladies -- we're going backwards not forwards, were winding down, becoming a dying breed, even endangered if she gets elected as our VP.

No! I don't want to wear a pill box hat and tell my God daughter that she can't have sex until she's married.

No! I don't want a woman, Sarah Palin, to reach the second highest powerful position in United States government and feel like my country has lost it.

No! I don't want anymore text messages from right wing conspirator's who think that they can Sprint ahead through my phone.

Yes! I want change and the opportunity to look a Republican in the eye and say these words, "Your party is over and it's time for you to change."

Yes! I think Sarah Palin makes a great soccer mom, bakes great cookies, gives good vibes inside her beltway -- but this monster of a woman who shoots wolves from airplanes, plays Monopoly with the good old boys -- pushes petroleum rebates through the pipeline, across caribou lines, believes in energy conservation and cares more about her acrylic nails than she does the environment -- this woman, who the hell is she anyway? Nobody knows -- that's for sure!

If you think Washington insiders have all the scoop as to why McCain picked her -- guess again -- and if you think emails like yours and mine are going to stop what has become an immovable feast -- an immeasurable opportunity against all odds -- you had better wake-up little Susie -- because this 60s gal, is going to stay up all night with hair in curlers, sharpening the points on those lethal and toxic plastic nails knowing that America is ready-- even getting hot at the thought of the "Girl In Red," becoming our next vice president or maybe even president.

Canada anyone? They say that British Columbia has more wolves than Alaska.

Stand UP for your right to choose Obama/Biden. Treat every young person you see to a free cup of coffee and give them a few extra bucks to treat the young woman standing behind them by letting her know that she just lost all of her rights as a woman and she would be better off living in Ethiopia.