Wake Up to Your Truth and Magnificence Through These 5 Practices

Living from our truth is living from our integrity. When we honor ourselves, life opens up in new ways and we grow. When we guide our lives from this place of trust, we are able to travel on the path that is aligned with who we are in all of our magnificence.
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What might happen if we removed our blocks, excuses, and reasons why we can't be amazing right now? What if we woke up each day embracing life for the gift that it is?

Too often, we are conditioned to allow our beliefs to override universal truths. Sometimes we can forget that we are meant to shine right now, not just some of us -- all of us.

We are all powerful beyond measure, and our personal definition of success and happiness is always within our reach. It is just a matter of waking up to it and seeing the truth and magnificence of who we are.

When I veer off the path and forget my truth amidst the noise of life, I go to these core practices to get back on track. Remembering these truths help me to shine bright and love the life I am blessed to be in.

Next time things feel like they are on a downward spiral, or you find you are not enjoying your life, try these practices out and see how they fit for you.

1) Listen a Bit Deeper

What sort of thoughts are running through your mind? If you don't know, stop and listen. Pay attention to the tone of thoughts you are creating. We are all powerful creators and we all have thoughts. We can use our creative power to dream up thoughts that move us towards what we do want in life. When we do this, we begin painting a brighter picture about our future and our life.

When we focus on what we already love so much about our life, it feels good. The more we practice this, the more these feel good thoughts begin to multiply in our minds. Of course the opposite is also true, we can create a world of destructive thoughts, worries and stories about what we believe is true for ourselves or for others. When we realize we have a choice in the thoughts we give life to, it makes little sense to choose the ones that bring suffering.

Getting into the habit of regularly checking in with ourselves and our thoughts, is often the first and most powerful step to connect back to our truth and shine for who we are.

2) Speak a Little Softer

Each of us governs the noise dial in our lives, we can turn it up or we can turn it down. We can experience discomfort from the stories and words we speak aloud. We can also feel joy and gratitude from the words we share. When we become aware of the idea that we are responsible and in control of the noise dial, we can become more conscious and accountable for the things we say. Our words can become softer, kinder and more purposeful. Try it on to see for yourself. Commit to a day of speaking in a way that is kind and non-judgmental towards others. If you say something unkind to yourself or about someone else, stop where you are, even if you are in mid-sentence. Say nothing more, or replace what you were saying with something kind.

This can be a tricky practice to put in place. Sometimes it becomes second nature to lead our conversations with a voice that stems from limiting beliefs or old habits. This is not cause for more worry though. If you slip up, don't use it as fuel to beat yourself up. Instead, just notice yourself and hit the restart button.

I always find this practice is something I can feel immediate results from. It is often just a matter of putting my attention back on the words I speak and noticing where there is room to speak my truth from a place of kindness and love. This is an empowering tool to practice because it is something that is within our control. We can use our words to live from our truth, and share our words out from a place of integrity.

3) Laugh Out Loud

Laughter is nature's best medicine for feeling good in our lives. There is nothing like a genuine belly laugh to boost our spirits and help us shine a little brighter. When we practice taking ourselves less seriously, it becomes easier to drop the heavy feeling and false notion that life is a burden. Life is a gift, and when we approach life understanding this truth, we can access our endless abundance and joy.

I have noticed that if I lose sight of the good in my life or become too serious, I can find my way back to my truth through the gift of comic relief and laughter. The truth is, we are meant to be enjoying our lives and laughter is the quickest route to get there. Laughing has a way of making us feel alive. It is a gift that is meant to be felt and shared often.

4) Love as Big as You Can

Each day we wake up alive in this world, we are given choices around love. We can connect to others around us and share love out, or we can distance ourselves and disconnect. We can give ourselves the gift of self-love, or we can turn our back on ourselves. When we disconnect or turn our backs, we dim the light that lives within us. When we choose to see love and be love, we begin to shine brighter.

Love is always a choice and when we make that decision to choose love in our thoughts, words and actions, life has a way of beginning to feel magical again.

5) Trust in Life

When we stop being afraid to show up and live fully, we are rewarded with the feeling of being alive. When we trust in ourselves and the world around us, life can flow through us. When we allow life to freely flow through us, our passion and zest for the things that bring us joy can start being felt on a deep level.

I find if I get lost in fear or the abyss of constantly questioning myself, I can turn it around by getting back to basics. The first place I start is to build a sense of trust within myself again. I believe that one of the best ways to build that trust with ourselves, is to listen to our inner voice and honor that strong voice that guides us from our truth. Sometimes it will mean setting boundaries and saying no, and other times it will mean taking a chance and pushing past the fears that may be holding us back. The idea is to listen to how we are really feeling, and move forward from that place.

Living from our truth is living from our integrity. When we honor ourselves, life opens up in new ways and we grow. When we guide our lives from this place of trust, we are able to travel on the path that is aligned with who we are in all of our magnificence.

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