Wake up Trumpers

Wake up Trumpers
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After a week of Donald, the writing is even more clear on the wall. I won’t bother backing up what I say with facts, as those don’t seem to be important in political discourse anymore, but all are easily verified by researching reputable media sources (by those I don’t mean the Onion or Borowitz Report or Breitbart). Here it goes:

Lying is the the new normal.

So is flip flopping.

Firing people for personal vendettas is okey dokey.

Flaunting protocol is super fine. Who cares about long standing tradition anyway.

Draining the swamp in Washington means stocking it up with different Washington insiders.

Loyalty trumps experience or skill.

You don't need to plan in advance, or even at all, to run a country.

NYC is going to be the new capital. Or at least co-capital.

We actually elected an entire family to run the country.

America will be great again for those who voted for Trump. And the super wealthy. Everyone else, not so much.

The perpetrators of the greatest acts of terrorism in this country wouldn't have been kept out by a wall.

Instead of a beacon of hope and inspiration to the rest of the world, we are now a painful punchline.

Hate trumped love.

Even though more people voted for Hillary than Donald.

The low road is the new high road.

People are terrified. With good reason.

Rights will be taken away. Faster than your head can spin.

Respect is dead.

The real winners in all this? The alt right. And the Trump brand.

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