Wake-Up Vibe, The Alarm Clock Vibrator, Promises Morning Orgasms (VIDEO)

This Alarm Clock Promises A Real Wake-Up Jolt

Forget coffee -- here's a way for women to get a real wake-up jolt.

It's a vibrator/alarm clock hybrid called the Wake-Up Vibe. Set the timer, put it in your panties and when the time comes, you... well... you get the idea.

While the alarm might wake you up, the orgasms from the advertised six levels of vibration might keep you in bed a little longer than you planned, the product's website says.

"Be careful of being late," it warns. "It's addictive."

In case you don't feel like waiting until morning, the device offers a manual mode for more immediate stimulation.

The device is sleek, curved and comes in three colors -- almost like a new product from Apple. And while the Wake-Up Vibe may sound like a hoax (especially given the grammatical mistakes on the product's website), it's listed as currently available on Amazon.com, where it's selling for between $91.15 and $96.25, depending on the color.

There's even a review from an unhappy customer.

"Wakey Wakey? Barely," posts a user named Lucky. "If you're looking for a vibrator alarm clock... okay, you've got one. But, the vibrations are weak and buzzy for a stand alone vibrator -- and even as an alarm clock, this could fail to do the trick."

Looks like the Wake-Up Vibe might be getting the wrong kind of buzz.

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