Wake Up Well: Morning Wellness Tips

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<p>Kim Elizabeth, yoga and Pilates instructor at Half Moon in Jamaica.</p>

Kim Elizabeth, yoga and Pilates instructor at Half Moon in Jamaica.

Half Moon

In the winter when the sun is scarce and you awaken day after day to sunless mornings, it’s more tempting than ever to pull the covers over your head and hide. However, awakening your mind, body and spirit first thing in the morning, helps set the tone, the pace, the intention for the rest of your day. Here’s some advice on how to kick start your day the right way from a few of the top wellness experts from around the world:

1) When Dalai Lama was asked “How are you able to fit in daily meditation with such a busy schedule?” he smiled and replied that on normal days he meditates for an hour in the morning. He then smiled even bigger and said that on extremely busy days, he meditates for two hours in the morning.

I've also discovered that the more important tasks that I have in a day, the more attention I need to pay to my morning routine. I like to meditate upon rising, even if just for a few minutes.

Also, rather then starting your day with that rude awakening of that strong cup of coffee, consider another way to start the day that will lead to success:

Lemon Kick

3 to 4 lemons--the juices only

1 TSP Raw honey

1 inch ginger

1 tsp organic, cold pressed olive oil

1clove garlic (optional )

Berries are optional

Blend until smooth

-- Rainbeau Mars, one of Hollywood’s A-list health and beauty coaches and author of the 21 Day Superstar Cleanse, teaches yoga classes at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

2) Get personal before you get social. Start your day with a personal check in before you check in with your social media. Take time for some breathing and stretching, maybe write in your journal or use a meditation app to guide you.

Have a better plan at the ready to reduce decision fatigue. Maybe you made overnight oats, maybe you have a better bar to grab, maybe you made your sweet potato toasts and just need to add toppings, maybe your freezer has what you need to blend a better smoothie.

Ashley Koff, RD, a DC-based nutritionist who travels the world advising some of the most powerful people in politics and Hollywood. Her free wellness guides are among the best.

3) Starting the day with gratitude can be one of the most supportive actions we can take to help shape our day. Grabbing hold of the mind before it grabs hold of you is the surest way to directing how we view our experience in the ways we truly desire.

Also, start the day with a cup of warm water & lemon to help reset the body's pH balance. Then, after 20/30 minutes, follow that with an organic greens powder mixed with as much water as possible (and as little pure juice as you can). After 30 minutes, move on with a nutritious breakfast that includes protein, a sprouted carbohydrate, and one green.

Ashley Pearson, a certified health and wellness coach. In addition to her private practice, she is part of the fitness team at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.

4) Fatigue, hunger and nutrient deficiencies all contribute to those early morning groans. A cup of warm lemon/lime water, first thing, is a great way to gently wake up the internals. Make sure to have a light healthy breakfast of fruits, smoothies, natural juices. Wake up earlier and get in a few minutes of meditation or play some uplifting music to enhance your mood. Invent a morning stretch routine. It will boost your ‘feel good’ endorphins.

Kim Elizabeth is a sought-after instructor for her expertise in yoga, Pilate, barre, and Reiki. She is also a personal trainer for guests at one of Jamaica’s premier resorts Half Moon in Jamaica.

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