Waking Up From Digital Detox Surgery

My voluntary digital detox surgery cut me open, revealing years of toxic junk.

It was messy.

It did not look good.

Symptoms: exhaustion, burnout, tired eyes, even more tired body, mental fog and increased anxiety.

I knew whole heartedly that if I continued down this path of digital destruction, it would end in something far worse.

Without much fuss, I waved my white flag and said it was time.


Like so many others, I have been living through my phone, tablet and laptop. After all, I needed to for my job! ...Or so I had always led myself to believe.

It has been a solid week of creating better habits and learning to TURN. IT. OFF. I, along with a huge group of supporters (thank you Thrive Tribe via Arianna Huffington's OCourse), have been spending more time outdoors, taking pauses to enjoy the air, getting active and staying appreciative.


Coming out of my digital detox surgery, I can say with confidence that I view things a lot differently. When you stop looking at your phone, you start seeing the type of disturbing behaviours we have become accustomed to.

The past few days at coffee shops, I have seen people frequently bump into each other (some narrowly missing poles or other stationary objects) because they were looking down at their phones.

People are sitting with family and friends at restaurants, staring at their phones, or even worse, completely blocking everyone out with headphones on.

After yoga class I saw my teacher rush into the bathroom while talking on her cell phone. Later that same day I went into a ladies room only to hear another woman chatting on her cell phone while on the toilet.

Are we that busy?


I'll be the first to admit that I have taken part in much of the obsessive, need-to-know-what's-happening-now attitude.

After my digital detox surgery, things are and will continue to be different.

The grass is greener, the air is sweeter and I guarantee when you wake up, you will see the world in a whole new light.

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