Waking Up Together: Hillary Clinton's Journey Is Our Journey

The media feeds on breaking news. Whether true or false, everything the president of the United States says or does becomes breaking news. It’s the job of the media to follow the leader of a country around and report on what they do and say, or who they meet and greet. Phrases like “Make America Great” or “Impeach Trump” become sign posts for people whose minds have become “news resistant.”

At some point our overstimulated brain can no longer distinguish right from wrong. Like a heroine addict - like someone with an addiction to sugar - we find it difficult to break the newsfeed habit. Without an “off” button, we succumb to a daily diet of empty news. It reduces the power of truth telling by filling our minds with empty calories. Our overstimulated brain collapses into one of two bins: “Make America Great” or “Impeach Trump.”

Would the inauguration of America’s first woman president have made a difference?

At the very least, Hillary Clinton as America’s president would have stopped a steady news feed about everything Trump. Instead, the news and images would have been about her. HER words would have been accorded a weight and power now given HIS.

Would her words and actions have made a difference? Hillary Clinton’s journey is America’s journey to the future. We are all trying to make sense of what happened in Election2016.

However, when 90% of the news headlines in the U.S. news feed includes the name TRUMP, when every word, every tweet, every action the President takes becomes “breaking news,” who among us can resist the addiction of never ending mind-agitating “breaking news?”

TRUMP. The name sits like a CROW in our mind’s NEST.

The news media feeds TRUMP headlines that bear his name. And HE returns the favor. Everything TRUMP does generates a steady cashflow for the news media. As Les Moonves, president of CBS reminded during Election2016 ”Trump’s run is ‘damn good’ for CBS.”

It still is “damn good” for CBS and ALL news media.

What nourishes us? Would Hillary Clinton as president have made a difference? Even if Clinton had said nothing at all, her very image would have made a difference. The news media would have carried FRONT page images of HER, and her very image - even without words - would have empowered us.

We have to SEE it in order to BE it.

Would Hillary Clinton as president of the once great America have rolled up her sleeves, put on wading boots, and waded into the middle of the roiled waters of climate change? Her call for a massive roll out of solar power received very little media attention during the campaign. As President, this call for SOLAR power might have become front page news. At the very least, each public action she took that aligned with our own personal values would have given us the courage we needed to stand up, speak up.

In the end, words don’t really matter. It’s WHAT WE DO that matters. What really matters is what unites us, what brings us closer together to work together, to collaborate and to help each other. It’s the “human” part of humankind.

Humankind. We can be both.

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