'Very Disorderly' Waldo Makes It Easy For Police To Find Him

He should have stuck to blending in.

Oh Waldo. You're not supposed to stand out!

A man dressed as the popular children's book character was escorted from Boston's South Station on Sunday for being "very disorderly." Presumably, he hadn't perfected his alter ego's technique of blending into the crowd.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter of two officers leading him away from the subway:

Boston.com reported that the unidentified man was belatedly celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

It's not yet known whether he was arrested and charged with an offense, or allowed to go with just a warning. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.

Waldo fans have a history of disorderly behavior.

In 2014, a group of "Where's Waldo" wannabes were caught on camera fighting at a train station in England. A similar brawl, featuring another man dressed as the character, took place on Hollywood Boulevard.

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