Wale And Paul Pierce Troll Drake After Wizards Sweep Raptors

With an assist from Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce, Wale just settled a hip-hop score with Drake that was months in the making.

The Canadian rapper rubbed a Toronto Raptors victory over the Washington Wizards in Wale's face about six months ago, posting a view of the lopsided score to Instagram and tagging the D.C. native. In sweet, sweet retribution, Wale took the time after the Wizards' playoff sweep of the Raptors on Sunday to post a very similar-looking photo to Twitter, albeit with the near-opposite outcome.

For reference, here was Drake's original Instagram photo:

Wale also took it a step further on Instagram, breaking out the broom and a title belt in a photo:

The "reading this" line in the accompanying caption is from a Drake mixtape title. It was also wielded by the Wizards' Pierce, who took it to Drake all over social media.

On Twitter:

On Instagram:

And on Facebook, where he even pulled out a "Game of Thrones" reference:

What rapper fan wars will the next round of the playoffs bring?