Small Space Ideas: Create A Walk-In Closet That's Functional And Inexpensive (VIDEO)

We often don't take full advantage of the small spaces in our homes. Especially if the room is an awkward size and isn't big enough to fit furniture. But instead of letting the space collect junk, you can create a beautiful walk-in closet that's easy and affordable.

In order to make the space as functional as possible when designing your closet, take careful measurements of the area is necessary to install brackets and shelves. If you have more hanging clothes, starting at the bottom of the wall and working your way up will allow adequate space for shirts or pants that are being hung, with room for additional storage on top. Also, wire organizers are a great, inexpensive way to keep your closet neat and tidy, especially for shoes and folded items.

To learn more tips on designing a walk-in closet, check out the video above.

Click on items in the images below and scroll through the product rail to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.

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