9 Ways To Walk More On National Walking Day

Not all physical activity requires spandex, excessive sweating or a protein-packed recovery drink. In fact, just taking more steps in a day is an easy and effective place to start.

On April 2, 2014, the American Heart Association is reminding us all about the importance of physical activity with its annual National Walking Day, a day to encourage Americans to take at least 30 minutes to simply walk.

It's not difficult to jump on the walking bandwagon, considering known health benefits include reduced body fat, lower "bad" cholesterol and less stress. But between desk jobs, car commutes and family dinners, it can be tricky to figure out how to get out of our seats.

That's why we've compiled a list of some of the easiest ways to fit more strolling into your daily routine -- no sweating required. Take a look at the options below, then tell us in the comments how you plan to "celebrate" National Walking Day.

Take Your Next Phone Call On Foot
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Whether it's to catch up with mom or your college roommate, try gabbing on the go -- but please don't text while you're crossing the street!
Take The Stairs
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Just say no to the elevator and escalator.
Walk The Dog
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Instead of making the kids do it -- or shelling out for a dog walker -- spend some quality time on foot with your furry friend.
Schedule A Walking Meeting
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If you've got a colleague who's game, try taking your next meeting outside of the conference room. You'll both appreciate the change of scenery, and it may even make you more productive.
Take A Family Stroll
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On the nights you make time for family dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood after you eat instead of settling down in front of the TV together.
Park Farther Away
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Look for a spot as far from the door to your office, the mall, the gym and those extra steps will add up.
Get Off A Stop Early
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If you commute by public transportation, hop off one bus or train stop early and walk the rest of the way.
Don't Press Send
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Instead of sending another email (who has time to read them all, anyway?), walk over to your co-worker's desk when you have a question. Bonus points if she works on another floor and you take the stairs to get there.
Try Takeout
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Why not just walk to your usual delivery joint?
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