'Walk Of Shame' Trailer Traces Elizabeth Banks' Disheveled Trek Across Los Angeles

When Elizabeth Banks isn't caked in Effie Trinket makeup or commentating at a capella tournaments, she's enduring a disastrous trek across Los Angeles, sans vehicle, following an uncharacteristic night of partying that leads to waking up in James Marsden's bed. In other words, the new trailer for "Walk of Shame" is now online, and it features Banks -- whose most memorable film parts are usually supporting-player and ensemble bits, a la "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "W." -- in a starring role. After losing an audition for a dream gig, Banks' TV-anchor character lets loose, only to receive a call from her agent the next morning informing her that she can still land the job if she makes it across town by 5 p.m. That means stealing a child's bike, almost getting arrested and being pepper-sprayed by an angry bus driver. Good luck, Elizabeth Banks!

"Walk of Shame" co-stars Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, Kevin Nealon, Willie Garson and Tig Notaro. It was written and directed by Steven Brill ("Heavyweights," "Mr. Deeds"), and opens April 25.



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