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Walk Toward What's Resonant With You: Like Attracts Like

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Everything is resonance -- everything is vibration or energy. Each one of us emits a frequency, and we transmit that frequency like a transistor radio.

When we set the dial of the radio to a certain point (of focus) we attract to us whatever resonates with that frequency -- or as the saying goes, like attracts like.

From that point of focus, we emit energy or vibrations through our conscious and unconscious thoughts, delivered through our emotions (energy in motion). We are giving and receiving messages all day long, whether we are aware of it or not. So why not bring awareness into what you're transmitting, on a conscious, intentional level?
This is what we mean by 'intent.'

Prayer is a form of intent. In prayer, we narrow our focus to a point where the Universe can deliver what we're asking for, because the prayer is transmitted with great clarity and deliberation.

The more you stay clear and deliberate -- by visualizing the end result and affirming your desire and the joy you will feel when the thing of desire is given -- the more the universe will deliver.

Conversely, we create what we don't want when our thoughts are based in fear! When this happens, we get the opportunity to clarify what we do want. It's in the contrast and repetition of experiencing life that will lead us toward or away from what will ultimately serve our path for growth and expansion.

Let's be clear: saying "I don't want to fight" is simply you asking for a fight!

Complaining about and focusing upon the things that displease you brings more displeasure. And you only have yourself to blame! You cannot point the finger at another for bringing disharmony into your life, when you have been focusing on that disharmony all along.

We are all transmitters. We pick up others' vibrations and energy patterns, and we are attracted to some and repelled by others. What you don't like is often manifested more quickly than what you do like, because we focus so much on what we don't want. Then we complain because we get what we don't want, and then we expect the other to change.

Complaining and insisting that others change to suit isn't the answer.
When you realize that what you don't like in the other is what you dismiss, deny, or don't accept in yourself, then the need to change the other automatically ceases. You cannot change others, you can only change your perception of them. Then you come into a place of acceptance by seeing what is being reflected or projected. The longer you practice this technique of reflection or projection you become aware that everything you see inside of me -- is inside of you.

Imagine this: Someone you were friends with for many years has moved on -- they no longer feel the need to include you in their circle. You feel rejected and dejected. When you think of this person, your imagination makes up stories and directs your attention to the feeling of rejection. But what you really want to feel is loved and appreciated, to feel included, and if you can focus your attention on the good times you shared... your frequency will shift.

Rather than focus on what's missing now, remember the good times. Remember the fun you had, the laughs, the companionship. Now, based on the law of attraction, you have the opportunity to reset to the new and create from a place of deliberate focus. If you focus on lack, separation and loss, this only causes pain and more separation. Focus instead on the positives and you will attract another into your life with the same frequency.

When you let go of the strife and move into love, then you will be met in love. God knows your heart and is co-creating on your behalf, but because everything you do is a co-creation, then it is up to you to bring consciousness to your unconscious self and illuminate the path of the awakening heart.

How do you know when to walk away? Why not walk towards something that would delight and excite you! Turn your attention inward and imagine your current adverse situation turn in your favor. However, you must detach from wanting an outcome. Let the Universe plot on your behalf, and the people who resonate with you will either come toward you or walk toward what is in resonance with their focused intention.

You'll know you're moving in the direction of your desire when situations occur that trigger you -- and you are able to manage your emotional response in a way that finally says you have neutralized, and not personalized, what is occurring. You can see what's happening from a broader perspective, and recognize the benefit of every encounter. My mantra is: "this or better," in order to ensure that I am open to what is the best possible outcome.