'Walking Dead' Basically Confirms That Theory You Suspected

Episode 2 answers a lot of big questions.
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We've already learned who took Morgan's peanut butter bar, but "The Walking Dead" answered even more questions in Sunday's Season 6 episode, "JSS."

(Warning! Spoilers! There is no sanctuary!)

First of all, yeah, it was the Wolves sounding that horn we heard in the season premiere. While Rick and the other survivors are out leading a zombie parade, the Wolves break into Alexandria and just start smashing people's faces. The horn was from a truck they crashed into the walls during the assault.

Morgan made it back in time to kick the crud out of people with his bow staff, Napoleon Dynamite-style, but the real MVP of the episode was Carol. She finally gave up her goody-goody act this week by disguising herself as a Wolf and then completely destroying the attackers.

The most important part of the episode, however, was that it might've confirmed a popular theory fans have had online:

The theory: Enid is helping the Wolves.

Image: Tumblr

No! Just when Carl finally finds something he likes besides pudding! Typical, right?

Enid's possible involvement with the Wolves has been speculated on for a while. As evidence, fans point to the fact that she has a mysterious past and doesn't seem to share the same fear of the walkers as the other Alexandrians, she frequently goes outside the walls and, of course, there's this Easter egg from Season 5 showing Carl looking at Enid's comic:


"Wolf Fight." Yeah, we see what you did there, AMC.

It turns out the title of the episode, "JSS," is actually Enid's mantra: Just Survive Somehow. This week opens with a flashback showing Enid's parents getting killed and then follows her through all the unpleasant JSS situations she gets herself into, one being a pretty graphic scene involving a turtle.

Let's just say Bear Grylls would be proud. (And then he would probably drink a gallon of his own pee or something.)


Enid is pretty nonchalant about the Wolves attacking the whole time. People are dying everywhere and she doesn't even care. She just walks to Carl's house to say goodbye because it's suddenly time for her to peace out. Oh, and she has keys to the whole town, apparently.

When Carl asks her about the Wolves, she says they're "just people" and that Alexandria is "too big to protect." She goes on saying, "There are too many blind spots. That's how we were able to ..." Then Carl cuts her off.

Uh, what now? "We"? Let the girl finish, Carl!

Considering Enid's motto, "just survive somehow," it makes perfect sense that she'd do whatever she could to stay alive. And if she encountered the Wolves outside the walls before, surviving may even include giving them intel and helping to bring down Alexandria.

Is Enid actually helping the Wolves? Only time will tell. But at this point, we can at least be pretty sure she's just this kid in disguise:

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Correction: An earlier version speculated that the photos Aaron found on the dead body were given to the Wolves, but actually they were photos that were previously lost.

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