A 'Walking Dead' Character From Season 1 May Return For Spinoff

Warning: "Walking Dead" spoilers. There is no sanctuary.

The return of Morgan in the season premiere of "Walking Dead" set the Internet on fire. Now another character from the series could be coming back, but on a new show entirely.

If you've been following "Walking Dead" from Season 1, then you probably remember Morales:


Morales and his family were with Rick in the early part of Season 1, but they left the group and were thought to be gone from the show for good. Then a few recent tweets changed everything.

The actor who played Morales, Juan G. Pareja, sparked rumors that he'd return in Season 5, by posting various tweets like this:

Now that the first half of Season 5 is over and there still hasn't been a return, many speculate that Morales could be coming to the new "Walking Dead" spinoff. And there is even a bit of evidence to suggest that. In addition to the tweets, MoviePilot points out that the IMDb page for the new show was briefly changed to include Morales in the cast, though that listing was later removed.

"Walking Dead" is returning Sunday, Feb. 8, for the second half of Season 5. So there is still a chance for the character to make an appearance. If he comes back in the spinoff instead, though, it could have some big implications.

Previous reports indicate that the "Walking Dead" spinoff, which is going by the working title "Cobalt," wouldn't be tied to the original show. It'll just take place in the same universe, making it more of a companion series than a spinoff. The possible return of Morales could completely change that, allowing for show crossover and making the series even more connected than they were before.

Image: Tumblr

HuffPost Entertainment contacted AMC regarding the possible return of Morales. This post will be updated if and when a response is received.

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