That Shocking 'Walking Dead' Death Just Changed Everything

Things got crazy in "Twice As Far."

It's difficult to find a good doctor nowadays. And on "The Walking Dead," it just got even harder.

(Warning! Major spoilers!)

On Sunday's episode, "Twice As Far," two groups venture out from Alexandria -- one consisting of Eugene and Abraham, the other comprised of Daryl, Rosita and Denise. They both run into the Saviors, and, shockingly, Denise ends up taking a crossbow arrow through the eye. 

Yep. That's Alexandria's new doctor. And now ... she gone. Everyone just super hates doctors in the apocalypse for some reason.

(Uh, not anymore you ain't.)

The groups end up getting away and scaring off the Saviors. Then, elsewhere in the episode, we learn Carol may be leaving the group.

What? Why? Huh? That's so nuts, but we can't even start thinking about that yet. The Denise death has more of an impact than you may know.

In the comics, Abraham actually dies by getting shot with a crossbow in the head. The show hinted that his death was coming, but now that Denise got it instead, everything shuffles around. 

The change gives us hope Glenn might make it through the season now. In addition to Abraham's death, the show had been heavily hinting that Glenn would meet the same end he does in the comics: getting his head bashed in by Negan. It looked like actor Steven Yeun's time on the show was finally up since Negan is supposedly coming in the season finale. But if the show is changing up Abraham's death scene, Glenn's could be switched, too. 

If that's the case, anyone could be on the receiving end of Negan's baseball bat. The Internet thinks Daryl is the most endangered since he isn't in the comics at all. There's also a strong case it could be Maggie

All we can hope for now is that none of these characters secretly have a medical degree. 



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