'Walking Dead' Fans Infuriated Over That Fake-Looking Deer

Oh, deer.
Rick can't believe it...
Rick can't believe it...

For whatever reason, “The Walking Dead” fans seem particularly sensitive lately to a few supposed errors on the show.

Now, there’s another, and deer God ...

During Sunday’s episode, “Say Yes,” Rick says he owes Michonne a deer. While killing off zombies in this carnival-like area, Rick spots one and climbs a little Ferris wheel to get a shot.

That’s when our deer friend comes into the picture.

“Walking Dead” fans couldn’t get over the fake-looking CGI deer. Forbes contributor Erik Kain ripped into the moment, a Reddit post about it was titled “Totally not acceptable,” and Twitter was equally brutal and hilarious.

Buck-le up ...

Basically, fans didn’t fawn over it.

“The Walking Dead” consistently delivers one of the highest quality shows on TV, which is just enhanced by special effects genius Greg Nicotero. A side effect of such high-quality production is that it makes unfortunate moments like Deer-Gate stand out even more.

And, yeah, it stood out.

Damn. That drawing doe.

Good news for the show, though, some fans did genuinely enjoy it.

Oh, deer ...

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