'The Walking Dead' Finale: The Body Count Rises As The Sides Face Off (VIDEO)

All season long on "The Walking Dead," fans have been awaiting the bloody battle between Woodbury and the prison, with the Governor and Rick as their generals. Well, it was certainly bloody in this season finale, but it was anything but what people might have expected. There was very little bloodshed between the two factions, while there plenty of lives were lost within one camp.

After a failed raid on the prison, the Governor's men and women fled. Most were citizens of Woodbury he'd riled up into going by lying to them. He told them Rick and his group wouldn't stop until everyone in Woodbury was dead. Instead, Rick and his group seemed more intent on simply scaring them out of the prison.

The Governor forced his group to pull over and confronted them in a rage. When they refused to go back, he mowed them down. He started to shoot them in the head to prevent them rising again, but ultimately even gave up on that. His cruelty saved one woman, who'd been lying under another of his victims. She was thus alive to fill Rick in on what was going on.

At that point, Rick was looking for revenge back at Woodbury, but hearing how far off the rails the Governor had gone, he changed his mind. Only the Governor and two of his men survived the Governor's own slaughter. Luckily for Rick, it was Tyreese protecting Woodbury.

So instead of a slaughter on Woodbury, it was a rescue mission. They took a bus filled with the people who'd stayed behind -- mostly children and the elderly -- and brought them to the prison. He wanted to rescue Andrea as well, but the Governor had stabbed Milton and left him in the room with her. Andrea broke free, but not before suffering a fatal bite at the hands of Milton's zombie. While she still had control, she took her own life alongside her one-time companion, Michonne.

Wetpaint wasn't happy with the loss of Andrea, saying her death was a total disservice to the show. TV Guide was shocked as well, noting that the character of Andrea is still alive in the comic books the series is based on. "Sure, the show has taken liberties with character deaths before, but this particular death is such a departure that one must question whether this will alienate fans of the comic books," they wrote.

The Governor is still out there, and still set on killing Rick and his group of survivors at all costs. But he's lost Woodbury and most of the citizenry there. That does't mean he'll stop trying to come after them, though. The only thing that will stop him at this point is death.

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