'Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan Freaks Out Over Prank On 'Ellen'

Zombies aren't even this bad.

Lauren Cohan deals with zombies all the time on "The Walking Dead," but nothing can prepare you for weird dudes jumping out of furniture.

Cohan thought she was dropping by "Ellen" on Wednesday to promote her new movie, "The Boy," but host Ellen DeGeneres had some other plans. A subsequent freak-out ensued ...

We all know Ellen loves pranking people, so it's really Cohan's fault for not noticing the host suspiciously moving a magazine from the end table. 

Never let Ellen move a magazine without questioning it! That's the No. 1 rule!

In a recent Reddit AMA, Cohan said the second half of "Walking Dead" Season 6 is "grueling," "fast" and "blindsiding." But no matter how terrifying it is, you can be pretty sure zombies aren't even this bad.

"The Boy" creeps into theaters Friday.

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