Bloody 'Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Hints At Another Death

Here we go Ne-gan.

It might finally be game over for the hair game on “The Walking Dead.”

In “The Walking Dead” midseason finale on Sunday, shiz went down. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sliced Spencer (Austin Nichols) open after the latter tried to betray Rick (Andrew Lincoln) (apparently he did have some guts after all); Rosita (Christian Serratos) used her bullet, but it hit Negan’s bat, Lucille; as punishment, one of Negan’s people shot Olivia (Ann Mahoney); Aaron got the crap kicked out of him after he and Rick made it back to Alexandria; Daryl (Norman Reedus) escaped the Saviors and reunited with Rick at the Hilltop; and the episode ended on a shadowy figure walking near Alexandria. Yeah, it was nuts.

But through all that, the episode hinted at another devastating death on the way. (No, it’s not Carl yet.) “Walking Dead” is hinting that it’s going to break our achy breaky hearts and kill off everyone’s favorite Billy Ray Cyrus lookalike, Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt).

It’s really all Daryl’s fault.

In the episode, after Negan learns Eugene can make bullets, he takes him back with the Saviors. In the comics, Eugene is also taken by the Saviors, but he eventually escapes. The problem is we just saw Daryl escape. It seems doubtful the show is going to quickly go into another survivor escaping from the Saviors, which means Eugene is a candidate for another comic storyline.

In the comics, a character named Holly is also captured by the Saviors. Negan later returns her to Alexandria. When she returns she has a bag over her head, and that’s because secretly she’s already dead and turned into a walker. She bites Denise, who is still alive at that point in the comics. (Denise, played by Merritt Wever, died in Season 6 of the show.)

Remember, the new Oceanside community has a ton of guns and ammunition, so it’s not like the show needs Eugene around to make bullets.

Since we saw Daryl escape, and Denise is already dead, if we see the Holly storyline, it’ll be through other characters. That means Eugene could fill the role of Holly, returning to Alexandria with a bag over his head because he’s already dead. If that happens, he’d probably take out another character, too.

Rosita perhaps? The two have a romantic storyline in the comics, and that would be a tragic end for both of them. Or maybe it’d be Tara (Alanna Masterson)? Denise was her girlfriend, so it might be fitting that she takes her place in that story.

What do you think? Mullet over.

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