Here's Why Negan Wore Socks In That 'Walking Dead' Sex Scene

Director Michael Satrazemis explained Negan and Alpha's disturbing footwear in the disturbing scene.

The Walking Dead” really knows how to sock it to viewers.

The mid-Season 10 premiere, “Squeeze,” included a “Walking Dead” sex scene between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton) that had some fans calling to “bleach their eyes.”

But as bizarre as it was to see Negan and Alpha getting it on while the latter wore her zombie-skin mask, people seemed mostly transfixed on one peculiar thing:

Why are Negan and Alpha wearing socks?

HuffPost previously spoke to the episode’s director Michael Satrazemis about the shocking moment, and we recently hopped on the phone with him again, when he finally explained Negan and Alpha’s disturbing footwear in the disturbing scene.

“Their socks are on because you wouldn’t take them off. Who cares? I thought it was fantastic. We made that decision on the day, in the moment,” Satrazemis said.

He added: “That last frame, which is what I designed the whole scene around, was trying to get one moment to show that last shot, seeing the two piles of clothes and two people completely naked, except for a mask, was a fantastic image.”

Interestingly enough, it was recently revealed that a sex scene that was cut from “The Walking Dead” would’ve apparently had Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in socks, too.

“We talked about [the socks], for sure,” said the director.

As for the fan reaction calling to bleach away the image from their eyes, Satrazemis said: “I didn’t think the fans’ reaction was going to be as extreme as it is. But I’m kind of proud. That means we did it right. And if you can’t take it, close your eyes.”

We second that. Close your eyes and please save the bleach for the socks. They’re going to need it.