'Walking Dead' Slyly Reveals The Answer To One Major Question

A mysterious cliffhanger gets solved.

All life episodes are precious.

Some fans might've been a little perturbed Sunday's "The Walking Dead" was all about Morgan after that big cliffhanger last week, but the show actually cleared up a lot of mysteries during its latest episode, "Here's Not Here."

(Warning! Spoilers!)

For starters, Morgan writes "clear" everywhere because that's what he does. He clears things. If there's something in front of him, he kills it. Or, that's what he did before he met "the cheesemaker."

The cheesemaker is a dude named Eastman (John Carroll Lynch) who actually tries to make cheese (emphasis on "tries"). A crazed Morgan comes across his cabin while wandering in the woods and apparently gets taken prisoner until he straightens himself out. Eastman taught Morgan a technique to attain peace known as Aikido, aka bo staff skills. We also learned the items Morgan left at the church in Season 5, the rabbit's foot, the Goo Goo Cluster and the bullet, all came from his adventures with the cheesemaker. And it turns out Morgan didn't kill the Wolf he fought at the end of Episode 2 this season because he now believes "all life is precious." (The guy is probably going to die anyway, though, because it appears a walker has bitten him. But his teeth are hella gross, so good riddance, bruh.)

Besides finally learning Morgan's backstory, another big question was also answered. At the end of the episode, Morgan hears someone yelling, "Open the gate," and that seems to reveal a major spoiler for next Sunday:

Rick made it out of the RV and back to Alexandria.

We were still in shock from Glenn's possible death when we last saw Rick. He was stuck in an RV with a hurt hand and a herd of walkers closing in. Oh, and the RV door was wide open because why not? Could this be the end of Rick Grimes?

Back in June, reports broke of a scene involving Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln being chased by walkers as he ran towards Alexandria. He was also screaming "open the gate." Unless there's some serious tomfoolery going on, The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that in Episode 5 "we should see the full scene of Rick running and shouting with walkers following him."

Here's to "Here's Not Here" for finally unloading some answers on us, and now we know that, despite showrunner Scott Gimple saying things like "even a character like Rick Grimes can be killed off," it's probably not happening quite yet.

That's all great, but hopefully the next episode will answer the one question everyone's been wondering: if we're going to have to find a new pizza man or not.

Ugh. We know, Glenn. We know.

"Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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