The New 'Walking Dead' Trailer May Hint At Dark Twist To The Comics

Is Michonne heading to a disturbing exit?

SAN DIEGO ― Heading into Season 10, the only thing more prevalent than a zombie virus in “The Walking Dead” is mysteries. However, Danai Gurira leaving the show is no longer one of them.

The actress had been rumored to be leaving since reports earlier this year, and she confirmed her exit Friday during “The Walking Dead” panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

“‘TWD’ Family is forever, and it never ends. It was a very difficult decision, but it was about my calling and other opportunities I wanted to explore,” Gurira said.

With that news, it’s time to over-speculate about the new trailer.

The trailer, which was released during “The Walking Dead” panel, features beach battles, shots of a war with the Whisperers, Carol (Melissa McBride) facing off with Alpha (Samantha Morton) and, interestingly, Michonne (Gurira) kissing Ezekiel (Khary Payton), which drew mixed reactions from fans.

In “The Walking Dead” comics, Michonne and Ezekiel have a relationship before Ezekiel eventually gets his head put on a pike due to the Whisperers. With that kiss, the threat of a war with the Whisperers and Gurira’s impending exit, it seems possible Michonne could take on Ezekiel’s comic-book fate.

The Whisperers already put different characters’ heads on pikes in Season 9, so this isn’t necessarily a kiss of death. But Gurira is definitely leaving somehow, the show has a track record of remixing moments from “Walking Dead” comic creator Robert Kirkman’s stories and let’s not give the Whisperers too much credit for how imaginatively they off people.

In addition to giving fans more questions, “The Walking Dead” panel was also an info dump: Kirkman reassured fans that the show wouldn’t be ending even though the comic-book series has, it was announced that new cast members would be joining and there was even a tease for the upcoming Rick Grimes movies.

Season 10, aka Michonne’s “Walking Dead” goodbye tour, kicks off Sunday, Oct. 6.

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