'The Walking Dead' Cast Teases 'Total Chaos' In Season 6

This is why when it comes to zombies, you always need to go for the double tap.

The "Walking Dead" Season 5 finale is still fresh in our minds, but the cast and producers are already talking what's coming in Season 6. Though showrunner Scott Gimple is keeping secrets tightly locked away for now, actor Norman Reedus says he thinks the season is "going to be total chaos."

When we last saw the survivors, things were getting crazy. A number of them had near run-ins with death, and the new and improved Morgan made a triumphant return only to discover Rick Grimes blowing someone's brains out.

So where does the show go from there? For now, a lot remains a mystery, but as actor Andrew Lincoln says, "There's always gonna be blood."

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The Walking Dead