'Walking Dead' Fans Call To Bleach Their Eyes After Disturbing Sex Scene

People on Twitter couldn't unsee that Negan and Alpha moment.

Eye can’t believe it.

The Walking Dead” Midseason 10 premiere on Sunday night had fans talking about bleaching their eyes after a disturbing moment between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton), the leader of the Whisperers.

During the scene, Alpha singles out Negan, draws him away from the Whisperer camp and makes him take off his clothes. At this point, Negan thinks Alpha is going to kill him, only to turn around and realize it’s the complete opposite.

Alpha’s naked too, and she wants to take Negan to sexy town.

In order to congratulate Negan for giving her information about a spy in the Whisperer camp, Alpha wants to give him a “crass” reward. However, the Whisperers wear the skin of zombies, and Alpha’s rotting flesh mask stays on the whole time. Negan says it’s doing it for him.

The episode’s director Michael Satrazemis told HuffPost even he couldn’t understand why Negan wanted to leave Alpha’s zombie mask, saying: “I can’t get into the head of Negan. It’s unrelatable.”

Their socks seemed to be left on, too, forest foliage be damned!

“The Walking Dead” Twitter account sent out a picture of the cover of “The Walking Dead” comic issue 156, which features Negan gazing at Alpha in her mask. “Y’all act like you weren’t warned,” the tweet said.

But that comic, of course, has a very different result than the TV episode. And many fans seemed to have the same reaction.

Also, if the mask didn’t gross you out enough, earlier that same day the show filmed a scene with Negan falling into a pile of poo, the director said. We didn’t see Negan shower up before doing the deed with Alpha, so there’s that, too.

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