'Walking Dead' Stand-Alone Special Will Introduce New Character

Zombies on a plane.

It's a good thing Samuel L. Jackson isn't on "The Walking Dead" because a new special would probably have him complaining about all the zombies on this mother loving plane.

Yep. In a move that's about as crazy as covering yourself with zombie guts to avoid walkers, AMC is giving us a stand-alone special set in the "Walking Dead" universe. The half-hour special will feature an airline attack that takes place before the time of the original show, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The story of the attack will debut online and then be incorporated in chapters airing during "The Walking Dead." A character who survives will join the cast of "Fear the Walking Dead" for Season 2. 

The other details -- including whether the whole special or only part will be available online -- are unclear. As of Friday, AMC said it hasn't decided on the length of each installment or how to divide the story for broadcast, according to Variety.

During the "Fear the Walking Dead" premiere Sunday we all got to see just how different the new companion series is from the original show. Still, a future crossover is probably on the way. Airing the new special during "The Walking Dead" seems to be more evidence towards that conclusion. Although "Fear" show runner Dave Erickson initially told the Television Critics Association there are "no plans for a crossover," he later revealed there could be some crossover Easter eggs in "Fear" for Season 2.



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