Universal Studios' New 'Walking Dead' Attraction Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Zombies, start your engines.

In a "Walking Dead" theme park, only the strong survive.

We've known for a while that Universal Studios Hollywood is building a new "Walking Dead" attraction to open this summer. And now, we have an official opening date: July 4, 2016.

That's scary soon, people.

Visitors will face animatronic zombies and real human performers as they scramble through sets recreating moments from all six seasons of "The Walking Dead."

The attraction's promo video already has us spooked out of our MINDS:

"Walking Dead" executive producer Greg Nicotero and his special effects team used prosthetic molds from the show to make zombies for the attraction, IGN Entertainment reports.

The experience will be a permanent offering at Universal Studios Hollywood, unlike the seasonal "Walking Dead" mazes the park has previously hosted during Halloween.

Best of luck, zombie travelers.