'Walking Dead' May Have Revealed Its New Villain, But It's Not Who You Think

'Walking Dead' May Have Revealed Its New Villain

Warning: "Walking Dead" comic and series spoilers.

With the Termites handled pretty quickly and the group moving on from the events at Grady Memorial Hospital (RIP Beth), we're faced with one huge question in the second half of "Walking Dead" Season 5: What's next?

There's a lot of speculation that Negan is on the way, but it turns out the real answer may have already been revealed years ago.

According to a theory, explained on Imgur by PhtevenMcThickridges and by various others, Morgan hinted at a new threat back in the Season 3 episode "Clear."

In the episode, Morgan freaks out, acts like he doesn't know Rick and talks about "people wearing dead people's faces." It's easy to chalk this up to Morgan just being unstable. (The zombie apocalypse can be pretty stressful after all.) But Volume 22: A New Beginning in the "Walking Dead" comics changed everything.

In the comic, a new threatening group of survivors called The Whisperers, sometimes called Leather Faces by fans, are introduced. These are people that wear the skin of zombies so they can walk amongst herds undetected and whisper to each other so the walkers don't notice:

The theory suggests that Morgan wasn't just speaking nonsense after all. He just had a run-in with the Leather Faces and already told us about it a couple seasons ago.

With how events are unfolding and rumors of a certain character's demise, Negan could definitely be the next major threat coming to "Walking Dead"; however, Moviepilot points out that, with The Governor and Gareth already making their way through the series, it may make more sense not to introduce a singular main villain right away and instead have The Whisperers make an appearance first.

Whatever the case, the theory on The Whisperers is potentially a huge reveal. It not only indicates that -- on the show --Morgan may have already had a run-in with this group, but it also means the show introduced something from the comics way before readers ever found out.

We already know from the series that wearing zombie guts as camouflage can work, so a group of Whisperers is totally plausible. When Morgan does officially join the survivors (assuming that will happen), he could bring the knowledge of this new threat with him. Or perhaps he'll just bring his hella sick mask.

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Either way.

For more, head to Moviepilot.

"The Walking Dead" returns February 2015 on AMC.

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